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Ministry of industry to start leather clothes production
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The leather industry is set for another boost after the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives announced its intention to start a leather clothes production line in the country.

Speaking during the consultative meeting on opportunities presented by the Ngozi leather park to SMEs, Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohammed and Advisor on leather issues, Yussin Awale said they are currently doing a prototype of leather clothes in India and once satisfied with the results they will introduce that idea in Kenya.

“Leather is a lucrative business which is yet to be embraced because most people are always scared of investing because it is a bit expensive but you need to consider the huge opportunity which lies here,” he said.

Fake identities

He said that the greatest enemy to the leather industry is cheap imported products with fake identities.

“We are in contact with Kenya Bureau of standards and we will ensure that proper labeling is observed,” said Aden.

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