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CLIA: China leather industry comes to a period of depth adjustment
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The overall of China leather industry performs steadily with mixed since 2017, CLIA said China leather industry comes into a depth adjustment period.

According to CLIA press release on April 12, 2017, in the year of 2016 the globe economy was weakness, market demand declined, superiority in export was lost, and market became more complex and competition, all these factors forced China leather industry undergoing the transformation and upgrading because business climate index for the overall leather industry saw a decline, the growth rate of sales slowdown, profit decline compare with previous year, export decline intensified. Considering the profit decline for the first time in 18 years as well as decline in import and export that brought significantly chances in the main economic index system of leather sector, the whole leather industry falls into the depth adjustment.

The yearly leather business index declined year by year from 2011 to 2016, average monthly value for 2016 dropped 2.5 points to 86.9, sale revenue, profit earning and export index are the three indexes showing dropped compared to previous year.

The data from CLIA shows sale revenue for large scaled enterprises in 2016 in leather industry were 1.4 trillion yuan, recording a decline of 3.2% year on year. Sales for footwear, luggage and bags maintained steady growth, leather sales dropped but the biggest decline was fur clothing sector  as high as  is 7.1%.

In the first two month of 2017, the industry saw a 5.6% increase in sales revenue, 1.1% decline in export, and 10% of rising in import, particularly for thoes import of finished leather, semi-finished leather and raw hides and skins. The increasing of import will benefit to the world leather industry.

In 2017 globe leather market saw a moderate recovery despite the industry is still in difficulty, CLIA estimates the sale revenue of China leather industry will continue to run at a growth with lows of single digital, situation for export market is still more challenges, decline rate will be shrink.

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