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Hong Kong - ICT annual meeting takes place in Hong Kong
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The International Council of Tanners (ICT) held its annual meeting in Hong Kong on March 28; almost 30 members and invited guests were present.

All members reported difficulties in the market in 2016; this year was seen broadly as stable, but there was general concern about recent increases in raw material prices, which did not appear to ICT members to be justified by supply and demand conditions.

The organisation agreed to circulate and promote new ICT guidelines for the purchase of raw materials, following the lack of agreement so far on the revision of the international contracts.

In the Open Session of the meeting, Roberto Vago, representing Italian tanning machinery manufacturers’ association ASSOMAC, gave an overview of electronic measuring machines. This provided background to the ICT’s review of the reference method for measuring leather in the case of disputes. Giacomo Zorzi of certification institute ICEC presented the Italian certification system for leather. The discussion that followed focused on the importance of credible industry-based schemes and the need to try to avoid a proliferation of different schemes promoted by customer organisations or commercial organisations.

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