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Chinese sports brand Lining reports 13% rising in revenue of 2016
2017/3/23 14:16:42 Source: clia Author:ran fulin 点击率:

According to annual fiscal report released by Lining Group on March 23, 2017, the sales value of 2016 saw an increase of 13% to 8 billion yuan, earning net profit of 643 million yuan,this is the third consecutive years for the group to relize the profit.

Furthermore brand Lining also opened 307 new retail stores in 2016, making its total stores number to 6440. Lining has been experienced losses since 2012 as rapidly expansion, but in recent years with recovery of sports goods sector Lining takes the chances getting rid of losses. Lining was used to be the top sports brand in China, now its first position is replaced by Anta Group.

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