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A large of smuggled luxury goods seized by Chongqing Custom
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The smuggled luxury goods worth 370 million yuan were seized by the customs anti-smuggling officers in Chongqing city on recent days, this is reported by Xinhua news. The seized goods include high-end clothing and luggage and bags, 12 persons involved in the case were detained.

Tens of thousands pieces of high-end brands of smuggled clothing and luggage and bags that include Cucci、Fendi、Burberry、Prada、Armani、Ferragamo、Rimowa were found in the cities of Chongqing, Hangzhou and Nanjing, as well as some related evidences.

According to the Custom of Chongqing, the Smuggle Group places the orders of the goods through agencies in European Union and then ship to Chongqing by flight with faked documents, these imported goods declare at lower price and sell at high price for earning huge profits. It is said this is a largest smuggle case found in Chongqing for import of luxury goods in recent years.

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