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A significant decline of production on fur animal skins in 2016
2017/3/16 14:16:37 Source: clia Author:ran fulin 点击率:

The total production of animal skins produced in 2016 that include the mink, fox and cocoon dog, collected from the most important breeding areas of fur animal in China, such as provinces of Liaoning, Jinlin, Heilongjiang, Shandong and Hebei, and released by CLIA’s fur animal breeding committee.

In terms of mink skin China produced totaled 26.16 million pieces in 2016, dropped by 41.21% compare to pieces of 2015. For the fox pieces it saw a decline of 12.75% year on year to 12.65 million pieces, the production of cocoon skins were 14.49 million pieces, 8.76% less than that in 2015.

Production of mink skins dropped significantly in recent years due to sustained downturn in the market, Russia is a most important market for China fur products export, although orders from Russia record certain rising in early of 2017 it is not big enough to change the market trend, so the market demand of mink skins in 2017 will not more than numbers in previous year.

It saw the first decline in production of fox and cocoon dog skins for consecutive years and production was overall excess than the market demand, further more there are plenty of inventory waiting for sales in 2017.

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