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Cannes Film Festival director says high-heels only rumour
2015/5/25 11:26:22 Source: footwearbiz Author: 点击率:

The director of the Cannes Film Festival, Thierry Frémaux, has denied that the event has a policy of refusing entry to gala screenings of films in the competition to women wearing flat shoes. Media outlets in many countries reported that women were told by security staff that they could not come into the festival on May 17 withouth high-heeled shoes. But in an exchange on Twitter in the days that followed, Mr Frémaux insisted there were no grounds for rumours that began circling immediately that the festival had made high-heeled shoes part of the dress-code for women guests. On seeing some of the reports in international media about women being refused admittance to events, film producer Marc Missionier asked the festival director if the rumours were true. Mr Frémaux responded: “Absolutely not. And suggestions that the festival is making it obligatory for women to wear high heels are without foundation.”

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