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Get to know a Portuguese footwear brand Dkode
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A Portuguese footwear brand born within an highly experienced footwear manufacturer, the Sozé Group

The Sozé footwear factory was inaugurated in 1976. Initially, the company was dedicated to producing footwear that was sold in exclusive to the domestic market.

During the 80’s the company started to focus on internationalization and gradually increased its exports. The following decade was dedicated to technological modernization, with a special focus in streamlining infrastructures. The Sozé Group also focused on staff specialization, IT modernization within the production department and software and product development. All these investments, resulted in improved ability to respond to small and large series.

After 2000, the group, now with a mature manufacturing and management processes, started to focus in the creation of their own brands. In 2002 the brand Dkode is born.

According to Sozé, “DKODE is a brand and a statement”, which derives from the belief that achieving and losing, getting and letting go, succeeding and failing are all stages of a path. This constant moving attitude is present in the collections and lines, renewed each season and incorporating new solutions with high levels of comfort and good fitting. Decades of experience in manufacturing footwear, together with constant technology investments allows the Sozé Group to improve its way of thinking and doing things, adding innovation and creativity to the market. And keep going, starting new ideas and changing old concepts.

Nowadays, the Sozé Group has an annual turnover of roughly 12 million euros, resulting from the yearly production of 250 thousand pairs of shoes, by a team of 160 people. 95% of the production is aimed at external markets, such as the EU countries (France, UK, Germany, Italy, etc), Japan, Australia, US and Canada, just to name a few countries were the 800 sales points of Sozé’s footwear are located.

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