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Fur embellished jewelry that doubles as sculpture
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Felicia Swartling is building her brand of distinctive pieces of jewelry. A recent graduate of Central St. Martins, she was spotted by Saga Furs and incorporated fur in her final collection. Now she plans to continue using fur and gathered valuable knowledge at Saga Furs Design Center.

Swartling is in the process of creating a new collection of jewelry she will show at a gallery with other designers in connection with London Fashion Week.

“Fur is not usually used for jewelry and I want people to see that it can be more,” she says.

Her ambitions are to use mainly fox and mink in different shades with the aim of keeping the looks natural and simple.

Jewelry can be much more than simply body adornments

“I want to create jewelry you can admire after wearing, like pieces of sculpture.” Most of her works have something like a little pedestal on them so they can be displayed in 3-D after wearing, and are “exciting from every angle.”

Swartling works in silver and gold, but took a number of bronze prototypes with her for experiments. She often uses precious stones, including rough diamonds, but is especially fond of pearls.

She also has a fondness for rings. “Rings are for yourself; you can see them as you wear them, and with rings you can change the look you see every day.”

Building a brand with collections for various tastes and pocketbooks

Swartling has plans for her budding brand – to make three different collections: one will be made-to-order couture designs that are more like show pieces; the second will be a more commercial line of smaller and easier to wear items; and, the third will feature simple rings, chains, earrings – and she specifies, “pearl earrings.”

When London Fashion Week comes around, visitors to the gallery may also see a fur bag. Swartling had prepared an inventive fabric bag in her studio and was translating the piece into fur as a complement to her jewelry.

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