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Furriers crafting for New York luxury stores sharpen their skills
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Five veteran furriers who craft luxury pieces sold at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s attended a refresher course in the latest innovation in fur. Their objective is to stay one step ahead of the pack and provide discerning consumers with tempting new looks.

"It is important for us to learn new techniques, new ways to combine fur with fabric and leather, and to explore the new colour range available,” Nikolaos Zias, a furrier of 35 years and manager of the group’s factory in New Jersey.

With him were George Bourinaris and Simeon Chrisonalidis from the site and Anastasios Nikolopoulos and Ilias Apostolidis two furriers from Mademoiselle, an associated company in Greece. ”Even though we have many years of experience among us, it is important that we gather new ideas,” says Zias.

Finding the latest ideas in fur at the hub of fur innovation

The international team of furriers work with designers and other staff to create fur garments and accessories available in Maximillian at Bloomingdale’s, The Fur Salon at Saks and The Fur Vault at Macy’s. The group’s two factories employ more than 100 highly trained staff members.

“We consider it our responsibility to work with our long-term loyal partners to improve the skill levels of their factories by helping them with modern ideas in fur manufacturing. Our Design Centre is the world’s nucleus of fur innovation, so sharing our ideas functions as an asset to a business,” says Charlie Ross, Saga Furs’ head of international marketing and sustainability. “We devote a lot of resources to developing new ways of improving the craft of making fur products in Europe and North America.”

Biggest challenge is to develop original creations with contemporary appeal

In expressing the group’s gratitude for the week-long seminar, Zias said: “I’m so glad we’ve been given this opportunity. It has opened my eyes, and I’m sure it’s done the same for the others. You see when you do the same type of work for so many years, you don’t really think out of the box.

“We will have photos and samples to bring back with us so we can team up with our designers and create something new for the upcoming season. We will concentrate on fox and mink of the best qualities. In fact, I’ve seen some new colours in fox and will bring them back.

The company has five designers and Zias tells how it can be difficult to find new designers who specialize in fur. “We are seeing more call for mixes of fur and other materials. Fur is back in style, but the market demands a different look, not the old-fashioned coat, and not something that’s heavy.

”Our objective is to make fur lighter, and of course more attractive, especially with the younger consumer in mind,” he continues. “And because of newer techniques, fur has become fashion for all seasons. We make a lot more jackets, boleros and smaller capes that can be used in warmer weather. “

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