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Fur from the archives of history inspires Masters collection
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Three weeks and counting as Scott Perkin works on fur pieces for his Masters collection at London College of Fashion. The showing will be something of an event as it marks the first time the school will have a true presence in womenswear at London Fashion Week.

“Why work with fur?” Perkin repeats the question as he considers an answer. “Well, my research led itself to fur as the way to go. Fur makes a good juxtaposition against other materials. Prints mix well with fur, and basically, I always wanted to use the material.

History gives direction for the future collection

Perkin found inspiration in a ‘90s TV series about a British infantryman climbing the ranks during the Napoleonic Wars.

“That’s my muse for the whole collection,” he says. “The character had wolf trim on his uniform. II tried lamb, but it’s too dense and I needed more luxury so fox was the obvious choice.”

Discovering ease in working with fox and its inherent characteristics of luxury

The young designer didn’t use fur in his toils while earning a Bachelor’s degree. As he was progressing in his education, Perkin got a tip from a teacher’s helper who told him about the possibilities at Saga Furs Design Center.

“Fur is completely different from everything I’ve been taught and learned,” he says. “The sewing and other phases of construction are so much different.”

He tells how sheepskin’s has tough leather and it took days to assemble components. “Fox is so much easier and I can use a standard machine at home.”

Perkin plans to make a full-fur bodice piece for a dress, a full-fur skirt and two trims for a digital print top. He was also toying with the idea of fur pocket flaps on some of the pieces.

“When working here it’s so nice to have someone step in, and I hear, ‘This is how it should be done.”

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