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Fur on record-breaking 73% of runways in fashion week shows
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Paris – Milan – London - New York: Each city reflected its distinctive interpretation of fashion, and each was a celebration of furs. Hundreds of catwalk photos show how Saga Furs was an inspiring factor behind some breathtaking creations.

Fur prevails as the ultimate material of luxury expression. In the four main global fashion centres, 73% of the shows had fur in them. The proportion of designers showing fur topped last year’s record-breaking 71%.

Milan was a pageant of fur with a whopping 83% of the runways enhanced by the luxurious presence of fur.

”The numbers speak for themselves, and a big part of fur’s popularity stems back to Saga Furs’ efforts and an excellent job done by our global team,” says Jan Erik Carlson, CMO/Director of Marketing. “The designer’s creative process begins with our Fur Vision and Fur Preview events, where they get inspired by what we’ve developed. And we are in a position to support them right up to show day, because Saga Furs is a good, full-service business partner.”

Quantity is impressive, but the quality and diversity of styles are statements in themselves

An astonishing 320 of the 436 shows in the four fashion capitals featured fur. Designers again managed to wow the crowds with the way they applied furs in new ways: in full-fur garments, accessories and as trim; fur for all seasons – and for both genders.

“Once again the runways paid testimony to how Saga Furs develops fur and inspires designers who apply personal creativity,” says Dorte Lenau Klint, head of design & innovation at Saga Furs. ”Clearly, the intarsia technique - which Saga Furs has been instrumental in developing the past few years – played a major role on catwalks. But the full spectrum of fur was represented, with colours ranging from the naturals to bold, racy shades, and from casual pieces for a walk in the woods to fashions made for the red carpet.”

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