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Price index of Haining leather market for February
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Monthly price index

In February, 2015 price index of leather products in Haining leather market closed at 119.35 points, up 4.39 points, registered a growth of 3.82% compared with last month; with the growth of 4.26 points, up 1.04% year-on-year. The market comes to the sales season this month, seeing more sales than previous month.

In terms of garment, the price index was 121.45 points, up 4.37 points compared to last month, due to New Year generated many buying on clothing that brought sales and index higher than previous month. The price index of apparel and accessories closed at 136.06 points, up 5.54 points, registered a growth of 4.24% compared with last month; With a steady sales volume, gloves and tippets had a good sales which drived the growth of monthly price index.

The price index of luggage & bags ended at 104.12 points, up 5.78 points, with a growth of 5.88% compared with last month. Price in the market of luggage & bags kept steadily, but instability on sales volume, mainly because the increase numbers of tourists during New Year, the main price index rised.

For the footwear the price index finished 95.58 points, up 3.82 points compared with last month. The main reason caused the growth of monthly footwear price index is the promotion of seasonal on sale by sellers. 

The price index of raw material was 106.23 points, 1.37 points higher than that of last month and a growth of 3.82%. The rebounding of mink price by the last month drove the price slight up. Price indexs for the came to the end 128.45 points, up 3.82 points compared with last month which were influenced by wholesale.

Monthly prosperity index

General prosperity index of leather market registered 1364.14 points in February, up 111.61 points compared with last month, and 139.36 points higher year-on-year.

Monthly prosperity index of clothing was 1315.50 points, up 40.50 points, with a growth of 3.18% compared with last month. Affected by tourists increased in quantity during the spring festival, the sales of leather garment rised obviously; the whole prices of apparel and accessories were stable relatively.

Monthly prosperity index of cases & bags and leather products recorded 1145.26 points, 26.79 points higher than previous month, with a growth of 2.39%. It is said the sales of leather goods may be possible decline in next month.

Monthly prosperity index of footwear was 1132.54 points, 12.86 points higher than last month, with a growth of 1.15%. The market was in busy season due to the coming of spring and sales of spring shoes by shoppers.

The prosperity index of other items registered 1317.06 points, up 42.13 points compared with last month, with a growth of 3.30%, affected by wholesalers.

For the raw materials the index ended 1003.00, up 56.44 compared with last month, with a growth of 5.86%. The rising of mink price drove the growth of raw material prosperity index.

The changes of monthly price index

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