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Arts And Tannery Previews Spring 2016 Leathers, Trends
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Arts & Tannery showcased its spring 2016 leather, textiles, accessories and components for shoes and bags, leather goods and leatherwear assortment last week in New York City. With a trend presentation given by the Italian Leather System Consortium and a variety of vendors present, this season's Arts & Tannery should not have been missed.

Getty Images/Vanni Bassetti

Out of the four key trends depicted during the show, which included Archeozone, Metropolis, Wunderkammer and Graphicbox, the one that caught our attention was Archeozone.

With inspiration drawn from Greece that ranged from archaeological sites, such as the Parthenon, to the clothing and accessories worn by those depicted in various sculptures, there was an opportunity within this category for a multitude of interpretations.

The key with this trend was to not only look at the Parthenon at a distance, for example, but to examine its details for inspiration.

The color palette was predominately neutral, which was not to mean boring. There were some pops of color with blue and some pink that ranged from a pale pink to a salmon.

There were numerous Italian vendors on hand to assist the attendees.

The Pellegrini Group showcased many leathers with some done in a mosaic fashion. The colors used were reminiscent of what we would see in the Mediterranean.

At Accoppiature Pisane, they bonded beautifully colored feathers into mesh and also onto leather. There was a beauty in these variations- they were delicate, yet powerful. We could imagine them on a spectacular bag or a gorgeous coat.

Conceria di Urgnano brought along some innovative fabrics, or as explained to us, techniques that have been around for some time, such as tufting, but done in a very modern looking way.

Beyond trends, a major theme of the show was trying to instill in the consumer the importance of quality leather products. As seen at this show, there is a different caliber in well-crafted fabrics- and in this case, leathers.

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