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Burberry wants to ‘reduce environmental impact’ of leather
2015/1/23 8:46:32 Source: Leatherbiz Author: 点击率:

UK-based leathergoods brand Burberry has published a corporate responsibility report in which it highlights that tanneries supplying 70% of the leather for its accessories were engaged in its environmental management programme during 2013/14.

The company launched an ‘environmental baseline assessment’ of direct and indirect carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) impacts from raw materials, energy, water, chemical inputs and waste.

It said cotton and leather combined represent 57% of CO2e from Burberry raw materials. “We are active members of the Leather Working Group and are working to actively improve the environmental standards,” it said in the report.

By 2017 it aims to “reduce the environmental impact of Burberry’s three key raw materials, cotton, leather and PVC” – but does not specify by how much.

Burberry’s Ethical Trading Programme operates a strict sourcing approval process which does not authorise sourcing from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Cambodia.

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