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Nine factors drives China's fur industry into new normal
2014/12/9 10:07:36 Source: Author:Yin Mingzhe 点击率:

China's fur industry has changed from low cost to high cost, from rapid growth to stable growth and from factor-driven to innovation-driven industry. Innovation-driven growth will be our new normal,said Zhang Shuhua, honorary president of China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) in a conference, reported recently.

Zhang made a keynote speech at the 4th China Fur Joint Meeting and the Inagugural Meeting of Fur Animal Breeding Commission of China Leather Industry Association (CLIA). She reviewed that the industry growth mainly depends on the scientific progress,effiency raising and diversified inovation. Under these circumstances, China should pace up to industrial transformation and upgrades that will be the new normal of business survial and development.

She stressed that in the process of industrial upgrades,firms in fur industry should focus on the problems as follows,

1. Environmental indicator would be the conclusive factor to assess the firms' achievements in the future and the key to determine if the upgrade is sucessful or not. More regulations will strengthen firms' environmental responsiblity.

2. The decreasing profits spurred the application of smart technology and new equipments. Therefore industrial integration and stakeholer-partnership are the important measures to create 'Win-Win' atomsphere in order to obtain more profits.

3. E-Commerce model thrived in recent years, which brought a large shock for the traditional retailers and more problems about the intellectural property. How to combine the advantages of online and offline sales and marketing will be an important study for the firms in fur industry.

4. Diversified consumers preferences, consumers goods market, niche market and smart technology application greatly affected the production and marketing models in fur industry.

5. Due to the wild fluctuation of raw materials' prices, derease of overseas orders, domestic market demand's slowdown and the rising of shop rent, many firms encountered difficulties including capacity utilization decline,profits sliding down and high inventories.

6. Overcapacity problems and e-commerce shock raised the risk depite the prospertity of specialized markets. It is the time to integrete the industry and upgrades.

7. The enhance of comprehensive services level and production effiency in the industrial cluster will break the bettleneck of high logistic cost and labor shortage in order to attract more investment and upgrade the industrial cluster.

8. The credit system should be established in fur industry. Some firms broke the rules and laws, and the whole industry suffered from these losses.

9. Fur industry should be on guard against the financial risk in order to avoid the situations in local firms. Real economy is our main battle field.

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