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China to tackle the problems in the fur industry
2014/12/4 12:09:05 Source: Author:Yin Mingzhe 点击率:

China's fur industry encounters nine problems to be tackled in the future, said a high-rank official of MIIT in a conference, reported Wednesday.

Gao Yanmin, deputy director of Department of Consumer Goods Industry of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), attended the 4th China Fur Joint Meeting and the Inagugural Meeting of Fur Animal Breeding Commission of China Leather Industry Association (CLIA).

Gao analyzed the current situation in the fur industry and provided nine problems to be solved in the future.

He reviewed that since the reform and opening, China has owned over 4000 firms in the fur industry and the sales reached as much as 200 billion yuan. 3/4 of global fur skins were imported into China, the volume of production and processing tops the world. Meanwhile China is the largest market of fur consumption in the world.

However, from this year on, our fur industry faced many chellenges such as raw hides prices sliding and economic growth's slowdown.

Therefore, Gao provided nine problems to be solved for the fur industry as follows,

1. How fur industry rapidly make its industrial adjustment and upgrades in order to make the industry more sustainable.

2. It should implement the selective breeding and breed the finest quality fur animal in order to improve the proportion of raw hides in the domestic market.

3. It should strengthen the industry concentration and coin the big firms or groups.

4. Fur firms should comply with the national law and rules and take a healthy development path. If there are problems, they should report to the industry association and then transfer the information to the government. It is the best choices for the firms to obey the rules in the trade and production.

5.Expanding the influences of branded products,bringing the comparative advantages of regional brand into the play and deepening the awareness of brand managment.

6.decreasing inventories and strenthening internal control management.

7. Paying more attentions to the innovation of business model and actively making online sales. it should make various marketing forms available, supply the customerized services and make more efforts on individuation,digitalization,networking and systematization.

8. increasing the automation level of production and processing in order to get prepared for the techniques of Internet of Things in the future.

9. Fur industry should take the path of circular economy and the whole industry chain development. Moreover it should establish and complete the balanced development between ecological breeding and deep processing. For instance, with the establishment of Fur Animal Breeding Commission of China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), it should make some studies on how to tackle the problems of comprehesive utilization of breeding,leather and meat.

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