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This autumn sees 30% drop of price in mink coat
2014/10/15 10:00:57 Source: Author:Yang junhua 点击率:

As the autumn coming, leather clothing and fur garment became more and more popular among the consumers and massive promotion advertisements are booming in many regions, such as Shentai Fur Market, Haining Fur Market and so on. Xinji leather Market opened in Inner Mongolia recently also joined the market competition, however, the merchants seemed very calm about this.

Cost reduction made low price of fur and leather products

The season of fur’s promotion came earlier than usual, kinds of promotion advertisements can be seen inside and outside the shopping mall. It is reported that the peak selling period is from October to February next year. “The price of fur products in this year overall declined compared with last year. A mink coat with the price of 20,000 yuan last year, and now is around 12,000 yuan. This may be a good news to consumers”. Said the staff in Haining Leather Market.

The head of Shentai Fur Market Mr. Zhu said:“The imported price of mink in this year fell down 30%, and the price of mink coat is also lower, 30% cheaper compared with last year’s. The price is an important influence factor in fur market, however, the market trend this year is positive, the total sales volume is likely to increase."

Price, Quality is important as well as after sale

Fur products are the luxury goods, consumers pay more attention to the sales prices, before buying them, they always make many comparisons in different shops, nowadays more and more leather market established that means the competition between the markets is inevitable." said a staff in Haining leather market.

As the increasing demand and strong competition, service and after sale became more and more important. Actually, competition is good for the whole fur market to improve step by step, said Mr. Zhu.

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