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Hebei provincial government takes six measures to support its fur industry
2014/10/21 8:59:59 Source: Author:Yang junhua 点击率:

Considering the program to support the development of the fur industry in Hebei province that is proposed by the research office of Hebei government and Hebei Fur Leather Association, the provincial department of industry and information technology recently issued six measures to boost the growth of local fur industry, the details of the measures to support the industry as follows:

1. To support the concentrated pollution control in fur industry cluster; 2. To support the construction of public service platform; 3. To support the brand building in fur industry and enterprises; 4. To support fur industry cluster to hold exhibition; 5. To support Fur Leather Association and enterprises to draft and amend the fur industry standard; 6. To support the development of the micro, small and medium enterprises in industrial cluster.

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