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Bangladesh's Footwear Industry Is Making Tracks
2014/9/5 13:07:01 Source: forbes Author: 点击率:

Blue Ocean Footwear’s four-story factory, designed by noted Bangladeshi architect Bashirul Haq, an expert on building safety standards, is located close to Apex’s factory site in Gazipur. It has 4,000 people producing close to 2 million pairs of women’s shoes annually for customers like Esprit and Germany’s Tamaris. The workers are supervised by a team of 65 Chinese technicians who stay on the factory campus but don’t speak either English or Bengali.

Instead, Bangladeshi workers are being taught basic Chinese, says Sam Yu, Blue Ocean’s managing director. Yu, who has been assigned to the joint venture by Green Land, says the company looked at Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos before settling on Bangladesh as an outsourcing base. While labor is cheap, other costs, notably that of land, are higher than elsewhere. Manufacturing shoes in Bangladesh is not about lowest costs.

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