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Standards Updated by the USHSLA Addressing Raw Materials Supply
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The updated version of The Standards Governing the Sale of North American Cattle Hides are released in ACLE 2014 held in Shanghai on Wednesday, 3 September. In the past year, after attending various international meetings, the USHSLA realized a consistent comment on the quality, delivery,performance and integrity of raw material suppliers in the global leather chain.


In respond to the comments from the customers (including various associations and their membership), these updated standards are formed in consistent with current global leather industry practices. Stephen Sothmann, the president of USHSLA, expressed the wish to demonstrate that the USHSLA members are keenly aware of their customers’ concerns and are working to address them.

The paper copies of the booklet are not only available at the ACLE2014 show, an interactive version of this document will also be updated in the USHSLA website in the coming days. According to the USHSLA, the document will also be translated into a number of different languages for dissemination in primary markets.

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