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GERMANY: Adidas aims to use only Bluesign-approved chemicals
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Sporting goods giant Adidas Group is planning to set targets for its suppliers to switch to using only Bluesign approved chemicals in its supply chain.

Adidas is taking another step towards a toxic-free supply chain

Starting with strategic suppliers where it places the biggest volumes, the company is currently assessing the proportion of Bluesign approved chemicals currently being used.

Acknowledging that issues of quality and global availability will have to be considered, the company says it will also work closely with its suppliers in making the change, training them and adapting their production processes.

The decision comes two months after Adidas announced a partnership with Bluesign Technologies, as part of its strategy for managing chemicals in its supply chain.

Bluesign tests and assesses chemicals to check for toxicity and environmental harm. It also audits the companies that make the chemicals before classifying - and grading - the screened chemicals in a database.

This Bluesign 'Bluefinder' database includes chemicals for all stages of the production process from spinning to garment manufacturing.

Adidas says access to the database will help its suppliers make smarter choices about the chemicals used in making its products. "This 'continuous improvement' chimes perfectly with the company's approach to improving its environmental impact," it adds.

"Sporting goods companies face many common issues, often complex and technical ones such as managing the chemicals used in manufacturing products. So it makes sense to join forces with other parties in the industry to tackle them," explains Frank Henke, vice president social & environmental affairs at the Adidas Group.

Hand-in-hand with the move, the group is changing its approach from specifying a particular finish for a product, and letting the supplier choose the chemicals to achieve it. Now, when suppliers "go shopping" for chemicals, they will go to the 'Bluesign Store.'

This "provides a greater degree of assurance," Adidas says, enabling it to guarantee that its suppliers will have chosen the best input chemicals.

In June, Adidas set out steps to take it towards the elimination of hazardous chemicals from its products and supply chain by 2020, following criticism from Greenpeace that it was lagging behind on its commitments.

In collaboration with Greenpeace's Detox campaign, Adidas laid out a plan to eliminate per-and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) and set key milestones to achieve full supply chain transparency.

As part of the agreement, Adidas will ensure 99% of all its products are PFC-free by 2017, leading to full elimination by 2020. The company has also set ambitious goals to achieve full supply-chain transparency by 2020. In line with the 'Right-to-Know' of local communities and the brand's customers, Adidas will publish discharge data from 99% of its Chinese suppliers by the end of 2014, and 80% globally by mid-2016.

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