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Singapore Armed Forces to get adidas, Zoot running shoes
2014/8/28 16:55:55 Source: Singapore news Author: 点击率:

SINGAPORE: From the end of the year, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) soldiers will get to choose between German brand adidas and American endurance sports brand Zoot for their running shoes.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen revealed on his Facebook page on Sunday (Aug 24) the fourth change to the SAF’s running shoes since 1995.

Referring to the ASICS running shoes used by the SAF since 2011, Dr Ng said he was delighted with them. “They were of a high quality and have given me many hours of happy walking and jogging,” he said.

“More good news for National Servicemen. The next set of running shoes will be from adidas and Zoot, and will be available at the end of the year.”

When contacted, the Ministry of Defence said more details on the shoes – such as the specific models and whether they would be available to recruits first or on SAF eMarts as well – would be announced later. There are more than 300,000 regulars, active full-time and operationally ready national servicemen.

Currently, servicemen can choose from two models of ASICS running shoes, depending on their foot type – the Gel Kanbarra 4 SP for those with neutral-to-high-arched feet and the Gel 105 SP for those with mildly flat feet.

The ASICS shoes were first introduced in August 2011 and were said to be chosen because the Japanese brand is lighter, more durable and more shock-absorbent. Before that, servicemen had been using New Balance or Brooks models since 2007.

In the first three decades of National Service, soldiers wore thin-soled black gymnasium shoes.


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