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Monthly import volume of national raw hide in November
2015/1/26 8:50:14 Source: Author:Yang junhua 点击率:

The import volume of national raw hide achieved 1,205.86 tons in November, with a great growth of 53.93% compared with the same month in previous year; however, the import volume decreased 373.58 tons, with a decline of 23.65% compared with last month. Among the import volume, the cattle and horse hides accomplished 1,204.33 tons, accounting 99.87%, with a soaring growth of 53.73%; other import volume of hides recorded 1.53 tons, accounting 0.13%. The import volume of national raw hide totally accumulated 12,999.72 tons, with a great growth of 57.83% year-on-year from January to November, as the figures shown below:

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