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General Price Index of Native Tanned Fur Skin in January
2015/3/23 9:55:21 Source: Author:Yang junhua 点击率:

The Native Fur Price Indexes are jointly issued by China Leather Industry Association, China National Light Industry Information Center and China Leather Website. The price index of national general tanned fur skin recorded 79.68 in January, with a little growth of 1.54 compared with last month. As the figure shown below:

Note: the main furs and fur skins with the specified size requirement that are traded in national fur markets and production bases are the sources to make the price indexes. The traded furs meeting certain size or length are calculated in the indexes. For instance the tanned male marten fur skin should be as length as 83-89cm long, tanned female marten fur skin should be 53-59cm length, 88-97cm long for tanned raccoon fur skin, tanned fox fur skin should meet the length of 90-95cm, the size of tanned rabbit fur skin should be as much as 1000-1100 square cm, and the tanned rabbit fur blanket/mattress is not less than the area of 7200 square cm.

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